Get Money, Get Safe

Employment and Your Rights

Explore employment options, new laws, and employment servcies if you are currently working and are trying to escapte abuse.

Making Work Work

This is an online course for DV advocates that includes detailed information about the protections and risks of employment for survivors of domestic violence.

Employment, DV, and Your Rights

A short summary of Washington State's employment protection law.

Legal Protections: Employment and DV

An external link from Legal Voice (formerly the Northwest Women's Law Center) describing Washington State's employment protection law in question and answer form.

Employment Protections: At a Glance

A printable brochure that highlights Washington's law that allows survivors to take leave from work.

For Employers

Domestic Violence Leave for Victims and Family Members

A document from the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries outlining the new law allowing leave for domestic violence. Included is information about where to find updates about this law and who to contact at L&I with questions.

Protect your Employees and your Business

A short, printable pamphlet that highlights what employers need to know about the law that allows survivors to take leave from work.