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Public Benefits

You may qualify for various public benefits.  Click the links below to explore your options.

Public Benefits

Click here to find more information on programs and services available to help with rent, utilities, finances, food, and more.

Fair Hearing Requests

You have the right to request a Fair Hearing if you disagree with any decision that is made at DSHS about your benefits.

Health Care

Click here to explore health care programs that may be available to you and your family.

Disabilities Resources

Click here to find more information on benefits and resources for people with disabilities.

Immigrants and Refugees

Learn about what public benefits may be available for immigrants and refugees.

Your Money Helpline

'Your Money Helpline', a resource created by the Financial Education Partners Network (FEPN), is a tool for professionals working with clients to offer referrals to resources and answers to basic financial questions. Topics include: debt and credit, student loans, mortgage refinance and foreclosure issues, budgeting, insurance, public benefits and more.