Get Money, Get Safe

Managing Your Debt

If your name is on an apartment lease, home loan, joint credit card, utilities, joint tax return, or other bills and services, be aware that you are responsible for these obligations - even if you leave the situation.  If possible, make a list of debts that you are aware of or copy the statements so that you can work with these agencies to potentially reduce or manage your situation.

Prioritizing Your Expenses

This brochure is designed to help you make decisions about how to spend your money when you may not be able to pay all your expenses.

Steps to Ward Off Debt Collectors

This external brochure answers commonly asked questions about your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Public Utilities

Need help paying your utilities? You may qualify for help in Washington State.


Bankruptcy is not the answer for everyone. The following links have a variety of information about the process, your rights, and how to use credit after filing for bankruptcy.

Fiscal Fitness: Credit Counseling and Debt Management

Sometimes credit counselors recommend Debt Management Plans (DMPs) to help consolidate and reduce debt. Find out more about DMPs and if one is right for you.

Federal Trade Commission: Dealing with Debt & Credit

The Federal Trade Commission website is full of helpful information about debt, credit, budgeting, owning a car and more.

Your Money Helpline

'Your Money Helpline', a resource created by the Financial Education Partners Network (FEPN), is a tool for professionals working with clients to offer referrals to resources and answers to basic financial questions. Topics include: debt and credit, student loans, mortgage refinance and foreclosure issues, budgeting, insurance, public benefits and more.