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Housing and Your Rights

Domestic Violence and Your Housing Rights

This external brochure outlines some frequently asked questions about your rights as a victim of domestic, sexual or stalking violence.  Offered in several languages listed

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Landlord/Tenant Act

A Citizen's Rights Publication by the Washington State Attorney General's Office that covers the state laws for all tenants and landlords.

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Housing Help: Protections Available for Survivors of Domestic Violence

This two sided one-pager summarizes the various housing laws that are designed to protect survivors of domestic violence. This easy to read format is also easy to copy and distribute to survivors and service providers in your community.

For Landlords: Under Your Roof: What to do about domestic violence

This brochure outlines the housing laws and protections that exist for survivors of domestic violence. Advocates can use this in your community outreach with landlords, survivors can give this to landlords to help explain their rights, and landlords can download this to learn more about how they can help.

Landlord/Tenant Issues for Survivors

Explore frequently asked questions about your rights and protections as a victim under Washington State law. This Northwest Justice Project publication provides general education, not legal advice.

Housing Discrimination & Your Civil Rights for Renters and Home Buyers

This external brochure on fair housing outlines your protections under the state and local anti-discrimination laws and provides information about steps you can take to stop discrimination.

Renters Affected By Foreclosure

A link to information about new laws that protect renters when the property they live in becomes foreclosed.

For Housing and Homeless Service Providers

A publication for advocates to use in their work to help survivors access safe and affordable housing. This publication is for HOUSING AND HOMELESS SERVICE PROVIDERS and lets them know how important their role is in providing needed housing and how advocates can help.

Landlords - Open your Doors to Domestic Violence Survivors!

A publication for advocates to use in their work to help survivors access safe and affordable housing. This publication is for LANDLORDS and lets them know the law and their opportunities for helping out survivors.

Home Sweet/Safe Home

An online learning course that offers information for advocates helping survivors find and stay in housing.