Get Money, Get Safe


Survivors' credit and financial security can be greatly affected by foreclosure, particularly when their abusers are complicating the matter. When dealing with a pending foreclosure, it is important to have someone knowledgeable advocating on your behalf in order to have the best possible outcome. Follow the links below to learn more about your rights and where to seek help.

Renters Affected By Foreclosure

A link to information about new laws that protect renters when the property they live in becomes foreclosed.

Housing Counseling Agencies

Find a HUD-Approved Housing Counseling Agency near you. Housing Counseling Agencies can help you figure out the best path to take when dealing with foreclosure.

Facing Foreclosure? A Note to Homeowners

External link that has information about how to avoid scammers preying on homeowners who are facing foreclosure.

Find a Consumer Advocate Attorney

Choose your state, and then click on Mortgage/Real Estate to find an attorney who specializes in foreclosure. *Note* These attorneys may charge fees, but you can inquire about pro bono representation.

Your Money Helpline

'Your Money Helpline', a resource created by the Financial Education Partners Network (FEPN), is a tool for professionals working with clients to offer referrals to resources and answers to basic financial questions. Topics include: debt and credit, student loans, mortgage refinance and foreclosure issues, budgeting, insurance, public benefits and more.

Foreclosure Prevention

Resources to help you prevent or deal with foreclosure.