Get Money, Get Safe


Bank and credit union accounts can be useful tools. However, survivors often face obstacles to opening accounts and there can be safety risks associated with established accounts. Although each individual must evaluate her or his own situation carefully there are resources available to assist in opening an account and address safety concerns related to holding the account.

Banking Safety Basics

Click here to see the top 5 safety issues for survivors.

Tips for Opening and Managing Your Checking and Savings Accounts

Click here for information about banking safely.

General Requirements for Opening an Account

An external link to information on the rules financial institutions must follow. Keep in mind that procedures can vary from bank to bank (or credit union). For those who do not have a social security number, there may be alternative documents that can be used to open an account.

Washington Programs for Obtaining Checking and Savings Accounts

External links for survivors who may otherwise have difficulty opening accounts. Many communities have programs to assist in obtaining checking and savings accounts. Link below to a list of these resources by area.

Washington Asset Building Coalition

The Washington Asset Building Coalition works to promote policies and programs that help moderate and low-income families in Washington state build, maintain and preserve financial assets. They have links to local, state, and national financial resources on things like banking, taxes, financial education, and micro-enterprise.

Bank On Washington

Bank On Washington is a partnership of banks, credit unions, government, and community organizations connecting Washington residents to affordable checking and savings accounts. The website includes general budgeting and banking information as well.


Find tools and tips to help you better understand where your money goes and how to manage it.

Monthly Budget Workseet

To help you track your expenses and build a monthly budget.

Wallet Tracker

A handy wallet-sized tool to help you track your daily spending habits. Know where your money goes!