Get Money, Get Safe


Some survivors are often unable to access assets, such as property and accounts, that they are entitled to.

Where to look for assets and money

A list of possible assets you might be able to access.

Strategies Abusers Use to Hide Assets

Be aware of how abusers can manipulate assets adn finances.

Tips on searching for hidden assets

With a little digging, you might find out you have access to more than you think.

Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)

IDAs are matched savings accounts for low-income households that are designed to help
you invest in assets, such as homeownership, small business, or post-secondary
education. Click this external link with information about Washington State's IDA program.

Washington Asset Building Coalition

The Washington Asset Building Coalition works to promote policies and programs that help moderate and low-income families in Washington state build, maintain and preserve financial assets. They have links to local, state, and national financial resources on things like banking, taxes, financial education, and micro-enterprise.